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For years, we have developed numerous residential projects in various areas of Pune. Due to our creativity we received a warm appreciation from our customers. To increase our strong nexus with the customers, we have decided to go a step further. Kirik Enterprises would be soon launching a brand new residential project in Shirdi just off the Airport Road. A unique combination of apartment and villa, we call it as ‘Villament’, where you have the luxury of a Villa and the convenience of an Apartment.

Shirdi is a wonderful location for this project. One of the most famous religious places in India, millions of people from different castes, religions and ages visit the place daily. With the domestic airport, Shirdi has become one of the most visited places in Maharashtra. Shirdi is developed as one the most important cities in Maharashtra due to the economy generated by tourism.

Kirik Enterprises brings an exceptional opportunity for property buyers who are looking for investing in budding locations, which can bring a great return on investment. We are planning to start a unique project and continue our tradition of presenting something new every time.

If you are an ardent devotee of Sai Baba then this is a golden opportunity for you. You can be with Sai Baba without having to worry about your stay. Having such a Villament, you can even do the noble deed of allowing your near ones to stay in Shirdi during their darshan visits.

This new project would be very close to the famous Sai Baba Temple and a unique blend of villa and apartment. This new project would cater to the needs and requirements of the modern life and would strike a balance between luxury, peace and comfort. We are optimistic about this project and are excited to present this project as early as possible.

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