Why Pune

Why Pune

Pune is a dream city for everyone. A city, where everyone gets an opportunity to prove themselves. Pune has always fascinated the young generation due to the huge amount of opportunities, rich social and cultural life, peaceful surroundings and the lifestyle suitable for every age group. The city has everything from cultural heritage to modern lifestyle; from greenery clad peaceful areas to stylish. There is something for everyone in Pune. Pune has always been an education hub. Many colleges and schools in Pune are famous around the world. However, many new identities are added to its crown, it has become one of the leading IT hubs in India, it has also been known for being a leading manufacturing center.

What Makes Pune So Special?
  • Pleasant weather

    The weather of Pune is quite comforting and peaceful. It doesn’t have harsh summers, the evenings are cool and breezy. The monsoons in Pune are wonderful. The climate in the city is mostly refreshing and soothing. The small green hills in and around the city provide calmness to the senses which is hard to find metro cities today.

  • Enticing lifestyle

    Do you want to enjoy your life to the fullest? Pune is the perfect option for you. There are so many places in the city to enjoy from old, cultural buildings to clubs, malls for the younger generation. The upcoming metro is sure to make the transport easier and faster.

  • Growing IT hub

    Pune has acquired the status of one of the fastest booming IT hubs in India. Several multinational companies already have their offices in Pune for years now, which are further expanding and bringing newer job opportunities. Also, numerous manufacturing units have established their set-ups in Pune. Surely it is increasing the employment.

  • Affordable

    Compared to other metropolitan cities, Pune is rather affordable. The house rents, street food and other basic things are inexpensive making life easier. Due to affordability, Pune is the preferred place to live.

  • Growing Infrastructure

    The ongoing metro work and upcoming international airport add to the appreciation of properties in Pune. Investors and NRIs are looking for to invest more in residential as well as commercial properties. These properties bring regular income in the form of rents and greater returns if the property is sold off.

  • Pune proves to be the game changer for the real estate of India, it is not only attracting property buyers from various corners of the country but also from NRIs staying abroad.


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