Rent With Us

Rent With Us

We know it is not feasible for everyone to purchase a new house straight away in Pune. Some people come to Pune who haven’t made up their mind about buying a home yet while some individuals are in the city for a shorter duration and need not invest in buying a property. They do not want to stay in hotels for months but don’t find it convenient to buy a flat and find themselves in a serious dilemma. The small range of apartments in Pune for short term stay whetted and managed by Kirik may solve your dilemma.

At Kirik Enterprises, we understand the requirements of different types of customers and continuing our legacy of innovation, we have brought another out-of-the-box opportunity to experience our stylish houses by lease-renting with us. If you are searching for apartments in Pune for short term stay then our projects at Dhanori, Kalyani Nagar and Wakad will offer a some interesting options for you. Our project at Dhanori - Sughosh is a standalone apartment building comprising of 12 flats where you will have a choice of 1 BHK and 2 BHK flats for your short term or medium term stay. Built with unmatched quality and creativity, Sughosh will fulfill your expectations of the perfect house.

Some individuals who visit the city temporarily such as business purposes or medical reasons or educational purpose, do not wish to put money and time in the time-consuming process of home hunting, buying, decorating and maintaining it. They may find it convenient to rent out a place as and when they move to different parts of the city as per their work. Many customers look for ready-to-move-in places and start living there. For them, well-equipped service apartments are the suitable and preferred option.

Our serviced apartments in Dhanori, Kalyani Nagar and Wakad are one of the best residential projects in the respective areas. They are created at the locations which are known to be the thriving business locations. Dhanori, Kalyani Nagar and Wakad house thousands of leading companies especially in the IT domain and these companies have frequent business travellers who need stylish, convenient and comfortable living spaces. These individuals would like to stay near to their workplace and spend little time on commutation, it becomes advantageous for them if they have all the necessary conveniences close by. Our serviced apartments in Dhanori, Kalyani Nagar and Wakad offer easy access to malls, restaurants, hospitals and the residents who are new to the city do not spend time on locating the needed destinations. Furthermore, the proximity of these places to national highway and main city make these locations popular among the business travellers. Additionally, good public transportation facilities available at regular frequency are available in these areas.

The decision related to buying or renting a house completely depends on the duration of your stay in the city. Though it is always recommended to buy a property in the long run, for shorter stays, renting a well-equipped flat can be the best solution. Visit our property locations or contact us to know more about our offerings. Our representative will guide you through all the required information. We are confident you will surely love these projects.


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