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About Us

The word Kirik means ‘divine power of giving that resides in the hearts of all forms of divinity’. This wonderful meaning is the life and breath of our firm.

Our aim is to create spaces that have the power to give happiness to those who dwell in them. Such a built space, which we also call as ‘Vaastu’ is a culmination of positive inputs from multiple participants. We thus choose and appoint the best architects who can do justice to efficiency of space and aesthetics in form. To ensure harmony with the environment, we encourage our architects to have empathy with mother earth – the ultimate giver.

Our structural engineers follow the highest standards of engineering practice ensuring fire and earthquake resistance irrespective whether the building is big or small.

Although our specifications are always of high standards, we focus more on functional utility of the building plan. For example, in one project, we incorporated a professional office inside a flat. Such a flat proved to have a great power of use to professionals who could not afford a separate office or wanted an office to work from home.

Kirik Enterprises is led by dynamic and richly qualified professionals whose only mission is to give shape to your dream Vaastu.